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Full Service Automatic Car Wash and Express Lube Shop, Proudly Serving Lititz for Over 20 Years

Landis Wash and Lube is a full-service, automatic car wash and oil change center. Our state-of-the-art, soft cloth, brushless car wash tunnel offers such features as a pre-soak, bug remover, wheel cleaner, foaming bubbles, undercarriage cleaner with rust inhibitor, clear coat polish, tire shine, and high-powered blow drying system. This same car wash system was recently purchased by Mercedes Benz for use in their manufacturing facilities, attesting to it’s safety and effectiveness. Customers may choose to ride in their car, as it is propelled through the car wash tunnel, or may wait in one of our air-conditioned waiting rooms and enjoy television and refreshments. 

Children may watch the cars being washed in the tunnel, through several large windows in the waiting areas, or may entertain themselves with puzzles and coloring books. Car interiors are cleaned by hand, including dashes and center consoles, windows, cup holders, carpets and mats. Our finishing touch is a hint of air freshener and final hand drying of the car. We also offer many auto detailing services, from an “express” hand wax to a complete full recon. Many of these services can be done while you wait, with no appointment necessary!

Our wide range of maintenance services includes everything from a Full Service Oil Change to tire rotations, coolant flushes, and transmission services. We offer many replacement items, such as wiper blades, batteries, light bulbs, and plugs and seals. Additionally, we are now proud to feature American Racing Wheels sales and Dent and Ding Repair. Most of these services do not require an appointment, as well, and are done while you wait, in a matter of minutes.

Tim and Ami Landis welcome business owners and administrators to inquire about our wonderful discount program for corporate cars, and organizations of all shapes and sizes to find out more about our hard-to-believe, hassle-free fundraising program! We also offer senior discounts and AAA discounts!


Landis Wash and Lube is one of the only car wash and lube centers, in Lancaster County, where the owner is present daily, working on your car. We offer state-of-the-art services and impeccable quality in an old-fashioned, “mom and pop” business atmosphere. It is our goal to exceed your expectations. Every time.

meet the staff

Best Car Wash - Lititz, Pennsylvania

Tim Landis, Owner

Tim, along with many generations of his family, is a Lancaster County native. His family moved to the mountains of Tioga County and owned and operated their own dairy farm, for most of his childhood and teenage years. 


After graduation from Liberty High School, his family returned to Lancaster County and Tim worked as a painter and sandblaster for I.K. Stoltzfus Service Corp. in Greenfleld Corp. Center. He worked his way up in the company to Sales Manager, where he sharpened his business skills in marketing and customer service. In 1998, Tim bought his first car wash, The Wishy Washy Car Wash in Lititz, PA. This self-service, coin-operated facility gave Tim a chance to learn the quality, chemical, maintenance, and service aspects of the car wash industry. 


Tim began researching the safety, effectiveness, and growing popularity of automatic car washes and the demand for “quick lube” maintenance services at many of these facilities. In 2000, Tim resigned his full-time position at I.K. Stoltzfus, and construction began to convert The Wishy Washy to a full service automatic car wash and Pennzoil Express Lube Center. Landis Wash and Lube opened for business in June 2000.

Ami Landis, Owner

Ami was raised in the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania, where her father owned and operated a manufacturing company. She has seen firsthand, from a young age, the aspects and demands of business ownership. Upon graduation from Mansfield High School, Ami moved to Lancaster County and earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology from Millersville University. She has worked in both hospital and private practice settings.


While she intends to pursue a doctoral degree in the future, she has decided to take this time to assist her husband, Tim, in operating Landis Wash and Lube. She finds that her skills and training in human relationships and communication help her in the marketing and customer service aspects of business ownership. They also come in handy while raising their 2 children.

Best Car Wash - Lititz, Pennsylvania

Fundraising Program

The Landis Contribution

Our No-Risk Fundraising Program that Works…Guaranteed.

Tim and Ami Landis appreciate that one of the biggest challenges your organization will face is raising funds. We want to contribute…everything we can. That’s why we’ve made our fundraising program- TLC, cost you absolutely nothing, period…ever. All you can do is make money, and a lot of it.

Here’s how it works: We give you services to sell, in the form of coupons. Yes, we said give. You do not need to purchase them. You choose which of our many services and car washes (any price range from $8 on up), you’d like to sell. (If you like, we can tell you what sells the BEST)! Then we give you 50%-100% of every service you sell! We’ll even pay to have the coupons printed, after you tell us how you’d like them to look! When we say no cost, high reward…we mean it. And, there isn’t a word to describe the amount of ease and convenience in this program.

So, let’s review the advantages to you:


  • No “stock” to buy and find storage for- like pizza kits or hoagie ingredients.
  • No “events” to organize- like bake sales or yard sales
  • No future “delivery” dates- like candy sales or seasonal items that need to be ordered now and delivered later.
  • No “mess”- we’ll take care of the actual washing of the cars!
  • Two words…CONVENIENT and EASY
  • Everyone NEEDS auto maintenance services, anyway. You’re not selling something that people don’t need.
  • You keep 50%-100% of everything you sell! You should… you sold it!

Everyone NEEDS auto maintenance services, anyway. You’re not selling something that people don’t need.
You keep 50%-100% of everything you sell! You should… you sold it!
What’s the next step, you say? Introduce the idea to your organization. We’ll attend this meeting, if you like, or you can have a meeting at our facility. We’ll provide a tour, information and refreshments. Click here to fill out an online application for this program. Tim or Ami (the owners of Landis Wash and Lube) will contact you for more information. At the end of the fundraiser, turn in any unsold coupons and the proceeds. We’ll write you a check! It’s a win, win, win situation. It ’s our way of treating our community’s quality organizations to a little TLC!

Fill out the online application and one of the owners will contact you.

frequently asked questions

Washing your car in a professional car wash is the best way to protect the environment. We use less water than washing in the driveway. Our wash water is treated before it goes into the city sewer system. It then goes to a waste water treatment plant. Washing your car in the driveway causes the water to go into the storm drain. This drain is only meant for rain water. The soapy wash water ends up in our rivers and lakes killing fish and polluting the environment. At the professional car wash, the dirt that comes off your car ends up as cover at landfills and recycled for use at asphalt plants.

We recommend washing your car every other week. Not only does it keep your car looking like new, it make you feel good driving a clean car.

Washing the bottom (undercarriage) of your car is just as important as the body. Road film, mud and salt all work against your car’s muffler, shocks, etc. Frequent washing keeps rust from getting started.
We sell and use only brand name products like Turtle Wax, Simonize and Blue Coral. Any of these applied in the wash will protect your cars finish for up to thirty days. All include a two step process; a foamed on wax cleans and penetrates the surface, then a sealant is then applied to add shine and protection. For additional protection try one of our three hand waxes and sealants. These products are applied in our detail shop and produce a showroom finish with protection lasting from three months, up to one year.

Corporate Accounts

If your company has vehicles that deserve the very best in lubrication, maintenance and cleaning, you should consider opening a Landis Wash & Lube corporate account. We know that time is money, and you don’t have time to lose your company vehicles for a half of a day, while they are serviced. We can service your vehicle in a matter of minutes, and we are open seven days a week. Enjoy the freedom of not having to schedule an appointment. And, no more keeping track of paper receipts. We make the record keeping easy! Each company car will be identified and tracked by either it’s license, vehicle identification or fleet number. A detailed invoice will be sent to you once per month with 30 day payment terms. Now you can make sure that your fleet looks great and runs great, and leave all the record keeping to us!

All that you have to do to maintain the active status of your fleet account is to spend a minimum of $35.00 monthly, on any of our wash and/or maintenance services. Also, and most importantly, if you exceed $100.00 in monthly billing, you will qualify for additional discounts, which will automatically be shown on your monthly invoice.

Best Car Wash - Lititz, Pennsylvania
Monthly Billing Invoice Discount
$100.00 – $250.00 10%
$251.00 – $400.00 15%
$401.00 and up 20%

If you would like to arrange to set up a Landis Wash and Lube Corporate Account, or discuss this program with our management, please give us a call at 717-625-0505 or click here.

join the unlimited wash club

We designed this program to save YOU time, money AND effort! And STILL enjoy a Landis Clean Car!! With just one low monthly fee, you can treat your car the way you want it to treat you!